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Server Product to Cloud Migrations

Atlassian are moving aggressively toward a cloud-only strategy, and have announced the end-of-life of their server product range. Naturally, many customers have opted to move to the cloud versions of Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket. Some have a foot in both camps, with implementations in both cloud and on-premise. But the vast majority are looking for ways to consolidate and move completely to the Atlassian cloud.

There are two main stumbling blocks that prevent or give some pause to these migration efforts
  •  Add-ons / Apps

  •  Data Security

It is difficult for many customers to navigate the myriad of options available, understand the limitations of migration, and successfully plan a migration. It can turn out to be a complicated endeavour, especially if you not only have to plan the migration of the Atlassian application, but also potential upgrades of the server applications to ensure they are compatible with the migration tools, not to mention potential migrations/upgrades/replacements for addons.

Designers Looking at the Computer

Atlassian Migration Assessment

At Raledo, we have partnered with Daysha Devops to deliver this service, including a full audit of your licensing. This has enabled some customers to save as much as 10% on their licensing costs. The assessment costs €5000, and includes the following

  • Scope Statement

  • Configuration Audit

  • Custom and Marketplace Apps assessment

  • Configuration and Data Optimization Recommendations

  • Migration Task List (SOW)

  • Cost Estimates (including licensing)

  • Implementation Plan Options

  • Plan for Server Upgrades if required

  • Technical and Team Dependencies and downtime implications Assistance with Data Security Assessment if required

  • Liasing with Atlassian Partner Team and Technical Migration Team

  • User Management Assessment

Typically a migration from server to cloud will cost €9k to €15k in services. But the assessment will provide more detail of the work required, the available options, and a more accurate price estimate. A sample report is available on request.

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