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Consulting and Coaching

Sometimes you can’t find the time to attend training, and hiring a consulting firm is out of the question. In these situations you might benefit from our flexible coaching service.

This provides informal learning, problem solving, and coaching on JIRA implementation and usage in your environment.

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Flexible Scheduling -
From 1hr to Multi-day workshops

Our experts will work with you to develop a mentoring solution that’s structured around your unique needs. Whether its a onceoff 1hr session to solve a specific issue, or a series of workshops to guide your through a solution implementation, we can provide the help you need.

Informal and Confidential Learning

Because of the confidential nature of your business, public training may not be appropriate. Our mentoring service is the next best thing. Totally customized for you, problem focused, and completely respects your security and confidentiality.

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On-the-job coaching for fast results

Better than generic classroom training, tailored to your environment, data, and business, and totally hands-on. Guaranteed solutions and results.

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